• The Oak Ridge  Science & Technology Park The Oak Ridge Science & Technology Park
    The Oak Ridge Science & Technology Park provides a unique opportunity for private-sector companies to have work locations within the National Laboratory campus and thus greatly enhanced collaborative opportunities with laboratory scientists. These unique opportunities allow the private sector to more quickly incorporate technologies developed at the Laboratory into new or improved commercial products / processes.

Bringing Technology to Your Door

The Science & Technology Park is located in the heart of The Oak Ridge National Laboratory campus. With many renowned scientists and some of the most advanced technologies available today within walking distance, private-sector companies are quickly recognizing the advantages to locating in The Science & Technology Park.

An Ideal Business Location

The Science & Technology Park, while providing proximity to technology and research capabilities resident in Oak Ridge National Laboratory, also offers the following business park amenities:

  • High capacity, clean electrical power supply
  • Industrial water supply and waste water treatment capability
  • Only 5 miles to I-40/I-75
  • On-site fire protection and emergency response capability (Designed and trained for industry, not houses)
  • Proximity to the Spallation Neutron Source research facility, The University of Tennessee, and Tennessee Valley Authority

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